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You just have to spend 15 minutes to set it up once

Select keywords relevant to your business

Decide how many posts per day you want to publish

and we will take care of the rest
We will find news interesting to your clients based on the keywords provided
We will select the most relevant articles
We will automatically post the most interesting articles on your social media every day
Curate suggested content further or just leave the posting on an autopilot

why you should use


Future =

We will post relevant material automatically and help you to:
  • Increase traffic to your business
  • Increase sales as a result of increased traffic
  • Increase retention of customers by being present in their social media
You just have to register and set up once and we will do the rest:
  • Find relevant news and blog posts
  • Further evaluate and rank them based on their quality
  • Post engaging news automatically on your social media
You can decrease your social media management costs more than 10 times:
  • Set up automated daily posting on your social media for just a fraction of a cost of social media manager
  • We will post multiple times a day, 365 days a year
  • Our plans start at a very competitive price of 9$/month. Try it for free
Maximise your sales and increase customer retention by being active in social media
You can leave it on autopilot and focus on your business or you can further curate and edit it
You can get more results for less money by signing up for

Past = doing it manually

Today customers expect business to be active on social media...
  • If you are not active in social media channels you do not maximise traffic and revenue of your business
  • If your social media channels are dormant, you compromise your SEO ranking
  • And you are not maximizing your customer retention
... but it is time consuming
  • It takes time to find relevant news, read, evaluate and post them
  • It might take up to 10 hours per month to prepare and post 3-5 posts per day, just to keep your social media channels active
  • It is simply distracting you from running your business
.... and expensive
  • Hiring social media manager might cost 300-700$ per month
  • If you are lucky, they will be smart and reliable, if you are not so lucky they will be just costly

Key features of

We automatically search thousands of news sources and find the ones relevant to you
Our state-of-the-art technology will evaluate quality of each article and will schedule the best ones for posting
We will automatically create relevant hashtags in order to increase reach of your posts and drive traffic and sales to your business
We will display your company’s promotional bar with all your posts in order to increase your brand recognition, reach and customer engagement

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Review of Much social

Emily Scott

Emily's Bakeshop
"Digital Marketing is a new territory for me. Fortunately, Much.Social offers this amazing service so I don't have to think daily what post I should make. For an hour a week, I can have great articles posted plus our own promotional posts. This makes online marketing easy!"
Review of Much social

David Hill

TLGC and Associates
"The whole website is intuitively designed so you can figure things out easily. The set-up takes less than ten minutes and you can have new contents in your accounts daily. This helps us keep our followers updated with the news and trends."
Review of Much social

Melissa Sanchez

Elle Bespoke Bridal Shop
"I wasn't sure at first if I should do this since we're only a small business but thankfully, I did. This is a great help, especially for small businesses like ours to keep our social media accounts active!"
Review of Much social

Thomas Young

Freelance Digital Marketer
"This is a great tool for me. It helps me provide great articles for multiple social media accounts without too much hassle. Imagine the time I save by using Much.Social. Overall, a great tool for your marketing needs."