3 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Automation

Apr 25, 2018
By: Redd Panes

Yes, Automation is a much-needed action that you need to take.

 Social Media Automation is technically not a new practice in     digital marketing but only few were able to successfully use it   to their advantage. For some, they fear that automation will   destroy the authenticity of their brand’s voice. For others,   they just have no idea why they should start using social  media automation tools.


AUTOMATION SAVES TIME. No More Need for your Constant Attention


  Automation by definition means making processes automatic, lessening human intervention. Most social media automation tools are designed to be set-up fast, and for users to do maintenance for less than an hour. It frees you from time consuming research when curating relevant contents. Making yourself available in doing more important business tasks.


  In the recent years, we have seen how digital marketers   successfully optimized automation tools in their campaigns in   order to boost their presence and generate more leads. That is  why, if you are still thinking if you should start using  automation tools in your business, the following are some  reasons why you should start today.



Saving time is a great advantage of automation because it complements all your digital marketing strategies. Remember that automation is a great support in curating contents from other businesses and websites but you also have to make sure that you produce your own contents. But this time, you have no pressure that you will have no visible activity because automation handles that part. Which will lead to the next point.


AUTOMATION INCREASES YOUR DIGITAL ACTIVITY. Activity means More Opportunity to Generate Income


One of the benefits of automation is you can be active in your social media anytime. You can release contents even in the hours that you are not physically available to do the job. Unlike before when you had to be in front of your computer to do it, now, in just a few clicks, you are set for the week, (or for a month even!)


Just make sure that you follow up with actively connecting and communicating with your customers once your leads are generated. Most automation tools will help in the leads generation part but you will still need to process the leads to convert them into sales. But hey, since you saved a lot of time in curating contents, now you have the time you need to do the most important part of your business, sales!



AUTOMATION SAVES MONEY. No More Expensive Social Media Managers


Automation works wonders especially for starting entrepreneurs and small businesses because it helps you save money by taking care of your digital marketing needs. By using social automation tools, you won’t have to hire someone to do it for you. Aside from there is always a possibility of inconsistencies, automation is more reliable.


For a few bucks, you can already have your social media automated. Much.Social offers its basic plan at only 9$! You can already automate your two accounts. The more social media accounts you automate, the cheaper it gets.


In business, it’s more important to work smarter than harder. That’s why, start your social media automation today! Sign up here: Much.Social

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