#BeSocial with Much.Social: Social Media Automation Tool

Apr 20, 2018
By: Redd Panes

The Perfect Digital Marketing Tool for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs


Over the past few years, we have witnessed the dramatic changes in the way we do businesses due to the emergence of several online based strategies. Many businesses shifted their focus more on their digital marketing activities because that's where everyone is. As they say, if you have no online presence, you don't exist. But every entrepreneur knows that it's easier said than done.


Having an online presence doesn’t only mean that you have your accounts online but more importantly that your social media accounts send the right message, and post consistently so your target customers are engaged. Sure, if you have a lot of money, you can hire a team to focus on it. Or if you have a lot of time, then you can do it yourself. But we all know how difficult this could be. Fortunately, we can now do social media automation to make sure that we keep our pages consistently active.


What is Social Media Automation?


Social Media Automation is one of the newest strategies used by businesses to make sure that they are publishing contents consistently. It means you will only have to set-up the parameters or your requirement then it will automatically find relevant contents for you. You can filter the suggested contents to make sure that you publish only those that are relevant to your product or services.


Automation is simple enough to do without taking much of your time. In fact, you only need to spend around 15 minutes per week to set it up, filter contents, and just to double-check that the posts that will be published on your sites are exactly what you are looking for.


#BeSocial with Much.Social!


Much.Social is a simple social media automation tool that is perfect for small businesses' digital marketing needs. Using an advanced AI technology, we automatically find and curate relevant blogs and news articles for you. You can easily filter the contents based on what you really want, based on the keywords that you will use and the rest will be done by us.


The main advantage of this is you save a lot of time while maximizing opportunities to generate more leads. Instead of researching and browsing tons of articles, you can spend that time creating more sales opportunities through other tasks. Also, since it is automated, you can set how many times you want to post in a day keeping your online accounts active. The best part is, you can supplement the curated articles with your own contents without the pressure to do it strictly based on your schedule.

Benefits of Much.Social


The most important of all, Much.Social costs only a small fraction of what you would have paid for a Social Media Manager. With its most basic plan at 9$, you can already link 2 of your social media accounts. You can try it for free for the first month to witness how easy it is to do social media automation, and how reliable Much.Social is.


With the increasing competition in the digital world, you have to be equipped with a simple but great solution to your digital marketing needs. Let Much.Social be social for you. Sign up here.

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