Why Facebook Matters to Small Businesses

May 7, 2018
By: Redd Panes

When you’re not on Facebook, in consumers’ minds, you do not exist!


Since its launch more than a decade ago, Facebook had changed the business landscape. As of this date, there are more than 50 Million business pages in the US competing for over 700 million active users. Facebook is indeed the premiere social media network where your business can start and grow.


If you take a look at your newsfeed now, you will see that ALL big brands are on Facebook. If you check their pages, they spend a lot of time (and money) in creating engaging and informative contents. In fact, most advertisers are spending more on Facebook because everyone had their own accounts and spend significant time on their newsfeeds. This is why, small businesses and new entrepreneurs must optimize their Facebook accounts to harness the benefits Facebook can provide.


Why Small Businesses Should Optimize Facebook?


Although it should be standard to have a Facebook page for your business as soon as you start one, there are still a lot of people who think that it is not needed, or important, only to find out how much they were missing. Here are the following reasons why you should have your business on Facebook, and why you should take it seriously:


1. This is the easiest way to Interact with your customers. Through your page, aside from publishing information relevant to your business and customers, you can also use it to directly contact your sales leads. You can respond to their feedbacks, ask for suggestions, and answer their questions in one page.


2. Through your Facebook page, you can “personally” assist your customers and build your brand. Here, you can talk to them according to how you want to be perceived. You can easily create your persona and brand image that can help your business develop loyal fan base.


3. Your Facebook Page can boost your SEO. Google tweaked its algorithm to include social media activities as a measure of your page ranking since it is one of the reliable ways to track organic interaction. So having your website links on your Facebook page can definitely give a huge boost to your search engine page ranking as well.


4. Facebook Ads are great ways to improve your brand visibility online. Depending on your budget requirement, you can promote your business through different advertisements that suit your needs. You can boost your post so it can reach more readers, create a video or photo album so your customers can see visual representation of your services, and a whole lot more possibilities.


5. Facebook Page for Business is free. That’s the beauty of doing it on Facebook. Unless you want to avail of other services like ads, you don’t have to spend anything. If you have the time and manpower to create your own contents, then you can save a lot of money!

Facebook is Important


So now that you have your Facebook Page (or at least convinced that you need one), you should know that simply having a page is not enough to help your business. If you are not) going to use your Facebook page properly, or you do not know how, you might do more damage than not having a page at all.


Make sure that once you are set up, you regularly update your page. Do not be inactive for a long time as it decreases engagement on your page which is bad to your business. Also, do not be inconsistent when it comes to activity, spiking your activity for certain hours or days and being idle for the rest. This would lead to less credibility and disloyalty.


However, if you do not have enough time to handle your business page activities, there are a lot of automation tools that can help you do the repetitive tasks like posting on your social media pages.


Much.Social is a simple automation tool that can be set up in 15 minutes but it can automate weeks’ worth of social media posts. By choosing the right keywords relevant to your business, you are assured that you will have contents for your customers to read. Sign up at www.much.social/signup to have your free trial today!

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